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Investigating how leaders in L&T units across Australian regional universities employ SET to ensure fairness and optimise their L&T benefit

CAULLT Grant Final Report

Student Evaluation of Learning and Teaching – Good Practice Guide

Crimmins, G., Casey, S., Weber, I., & Pourfakhimi, S. (2024). Consideration of student evaluations of teaching (SET) and learning: Perspectives of learning and teaching leaders through the ethical lens of “first, do no harm”. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 1–15.


A values-framework and self-assessment tool to improve tertiary academic leadership

A values-framework and self-assessment tool to improve tertiary academic leadership website

Investigating Learning and Teaching Frameworks and Credentialing for Professional Learning in Higher Education

Credentialing professional learning for university educators – A Literature Review

Micro-credentialing and Professional Learning in Higher Education (presentation)

Framing Credentials for Higher Education Educators (presentation)


Towards a common, transferable Australasian Higher Education micro-credentialing framework for professional learning in teaching, learning and leadership

CAULLT Grant Final Report


Recognising Academic Development good practice

2019 CAULLT Grant Project Report


The impact of human resource challenges on central ADUs

The Role of Mindfulness in Managing HRM Challenges for Senior Higher Education Learning and Teaching Leaders (book chapter)

External Peer Review of Assessment

External Peer review of Assessment: A Guide to Supporting the External Referencing of Academic Standards

Professionalisation in academic development: learning designer roles

Snapshot of the learning design profession

Well beings lead well being

Wellbeings lead Well Being (presentation)

Survey of professional development needs of ADs

CADAD/HERDSA: Survey of Professional Development needs of Academic Developers

Trialling a Peer Assisted Teaching Scheme

Final report

Developing an Academic Director’s Professional Identity

Developing Academic Directors Professional Identity booklet

Supporting Job Design for Academics in Academic Development Units

Guide for Directors