Survey: L&T in Covid-19 times

Published by on the 18 May 2020

A multi-institutional team is conducting a research project about changes in teaching and learning practices due to COVID-19 precautionary measures. The impact of teaching and learning is global, urgent and are likely to alter education practices from this point onwards. This is a time of rapid innovation, novel partnerships, and enhanced questions of access. This study seeks to document and analyse these changing practices to produce reports, case studies, guides and other resources to support teaching and learning through the COVID-19 socially restrictive national, state and institutional rulings.

The study invites you to share your teaching and learning experiences during COVID-19 times, through the prompts of 22 questions in an online survey. We anticipate this may take about thirty minutes. We recognise that you are under enormous pressure to alter your teaching significantly and rapidly, so we welcome duplication of pieces of writing that you may already have written on social media or in personal journaling to use your time efficiently. Qualtrics permits you to upload one file to each question. Please make sure you de-identify uploaded files if you choose this option. And you may choose to only answer some of the survey questions.

Survey here:

The study is being conducted by Associate Professor Louise Phillips (James Cook University), Dr Chris Campbell (Griffith University), Associate Professor Susan Davis (Central Queensland University), Dr Melissa Cain (Australian Catholic University), Dr Kate Coleman (University of Melbourne), Dr Geraldine Burke (Monash University), Associate Professor Jenny Ritchie (Victoria University, Wellington), Professor Cynthia Brock (University of Wyoming), and Dr Esther Joosa (Independent Researcher, Singapore).
Principal Investigator (for general study questions):
Associate Professor Louise Phillips, School of Social & Health Sciences, James Cook University, Singapore
Ph. +65 6709 3862

Co-Investigator (for technical issues with survey):
Dr Chris Campbell, Griffith University, Nathan QLD 4111
M: +61 (0)413 275 838