Are we supporting our Education Focused Academics?

Friday, 17 May 2024, 12:00 – 1:30 pm AEST
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Education focused roles offer an academic career pathway designed to recognize and develop talented and innovative educators.  But what does a career as an education focused academic look like? What are the challenges and opportunities for those who are in these roles and for the university in supporting them to succeed?  In this webinar we are joined by Professor Merlin Crossley, DVC, Academic Quality (University of NSW), Professor Susan Rowland, Vice Provost (University of Sydney); Professor John Randal, Director of the Teaching Intensive Academic Career Pathway (Victoria University of Wellington) and A/Professor Christine Barry, A/Prof of Anatomy (Flinders University) who will be speaking with Professor Steven Warburton, PVC, Education Innovation, (University of Newcastle) about how universities can design and support these roles.

This webinar is open to all, and will be particularly useful to those who are education-focused academics or in a T&L leadership role supporting these roles to succeed.


Professor Merlin Crossley is the DVC, Academic Quality at UniNSW, where education focused roles have grown from 39 staff when they were introduced in 2017 to now more than 500 staff.  These academics are supported by a range of initiatives and professional developments including grants, CoPs and retreats.

Professor Susan Rowland is Vice Provost at the University of Sydney where she is an Education Focused academic. The University of Sydney has recently launched the Sydney Horizon Educators program. Through this program the University is appointing 220 new Education Focused academics, and is looking worldwide for over 160 exceptional educators to join their Education Focused community across all academic levels.

Professor John Randal was the first Professor (Teaching) to be appointed at the Victoria University of Wellington, where, along with being a Professor in the School of Economics and Finance, he is the Director of the Teaching Intensive Academic Career Pathway. His role is to support colleagues and help all staff in the university understand the spirit of the teaching intensive pathway.

A/Prof Christine Barry is an Associate Professor in the College of Medicine and Public Health at Flinders University. She is an Academic Teaching Specialist and co-convenor of a Teaching Specialist community of practice in the college.

Professor Steven Warburton, the PVC, Education Innovation at University of Newcastle, and the President of CAULLT will lead our discussion this afternoon.