Intensive mode tales wanted

Published by on the 26 August 2020

Are you or colleagues at your university working with intensive (accelerated/compressed/block/burst/…?) modes of learning and teaching?

Would you like to showcase your work as an exemplar in a HERDSA Guide?

We are developing a HERDSA Guide for publication in 2021 and intend to capture a range of initiatives as exemplars to showcase diversity in discipline, level (postgraduate/undergraduate/TAFE) and types of subjects (capstone, lab, first year, final year, WIL units) and programs.

These exemplars will:

  • Interrogate the unique approaches adopted in relation to learning, teaching and assessment;
  • Outline the distinctive preparation undertaken by institutions, academics and students; and
  • Extrapolate lessons learned.

If your intensive mode of teaching and learning has been implemented for a minimum of a full academic year, and if you are interested in profiling your intensive offer, please respond by email to or by Wednesday 2 September 2020, and we will contact you directly.