Survey: values-based leadership

Published by on the 6 July 2020

All professional judgements in higher education are informed by values, if only implicitly. Decision-makers in higher education may find emotional satisfaction (or discomfort) from professional leadership because of a resonance (or dissonance) with our own personal values. This CAULLT project encourages you to interrogate these personal values as they inform your judgments.

As leaders and educators of future leaders, universities and university teachers are well-positioned to assist in achieving a commitment to professional development (for ourselves, our colleagues and our students) that overtly and consciously integrates values. This project seeks your experiential input to help higher education leaders and practitioners to:

  • Become more aware of the central relevance of values to informing good practice in teaching, learning and working effectively in all disciplines and sectors of education.
  • Become more self-aware in terms of their values base
  • Self-identify relevant and valuable professional learning needs and opportunities.

This survey asks you to describe a brief scenario from your practice that compels us to consult our personal values. We intend to collate these (anonymous) scenarios into an online self-assessment tool and you will be the first to ‘use’ this tool in a second survey when we share these scenarios and ask you to develop an ethically considered response. Your valuable experiences in this domain as leaders in teaching and learning will thereby inform an online resource to support values-based practice in higher education.

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