Value-Based Leadership in Higher Education tool

Project: A values-framework and self-assessment tool to improve tertiary academic leadership

The team behind the Values framework tool project invites all to view and engage with a new tool designed to promote more conscious use of values in decision-making and leadership in higher education.

The tool comprises a web-site containing a number of hypothetical higher education scenarios where a leadership decision is required. Associated with each scenario are two opposing options– A or B. Each describes a potential response, values that inform a decision to follow that path and a “values position” reflective of the way the values were interpreted and applied.

By engaging with these scenarios in a reflective way, users are thought to become more aware of the values they use in your own leadership. Through repeated engagement with multiple scenarios over time – and perhaps the submission of their own scenario for potential future inclusion – users will become better able to choose a path that is consistent with their values and value position. In principle, this should lead to decisions with more conviction, with a stronger ethical foundation, and a more conscious awareness of the values-based justifications for those decisions and result in leaders who experiences less dissonance with their own moral code.

The tool was developed by Associate Professor Duncan Nulty and Associate Professor Alison Owens through a grant provided by the Council of Australasian University Leaders of Learning and Teaching (CAULLT) and supported by the Centre for Education and Innovation (formerly the Learning and Teaching Centre) at Australian Catholic University.

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Value-Based Leadership in Higher Education tool