Journal of Teaching and Learning for Graduate Employability 2023/24 Special Issue

Published by on the 15 September 2023

The Journal of Teaching and Learning for Graduate Employability welcomes contributions from academics, including sessional academics, professional staff and industry partners for their 2023/24 Special Issue: The graduate employability practitioner: What works to develop career, teaching capability and organisational capacity?

. Submissions may explore the following topics:

  • The experience of the graduate employability practitioner, including sessional and professional staff, academics new to graduate employability and professional practitioners new to academia.
  • How institutions build teaching capability for and/or recognise graduate employability practice, including formal programs and/or processes.
  • Experiences and/or challenges of building a teaching and learning career in graduate employability.
  • How peer-supported teaching practices such as communities of practice, peer reflection and peer observation and review support the development of graduate employability practice and professional identity.
  • Other topics relevant to the theme.

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