A Badged Open Course on Scholarship of Teaching and Learning  

Published by on the 6 September 2021

The Open University’s Centre for STEM Pedagogy, eSTEeM, is delighted to bring you a new Badged Open Course (BOC) titled Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in STEM which is available on OpenLearn, the university’s free learning platform.

This one-of-a-kind free course, designed and developed by Diane Butler and Shailey Minocha of Faculty of STEM, provides a toolkit for colleagues who are interested in integrating Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) in their academic practice and in gaining professional recognition such as Advance HE Fellowships.

The aim of this course, designed around the stages of a SoTL inquiry or project, is to guide colleagues to systematically design, conduct, reflect on and evaluate an ethically reasoned SoTL inquiry focused on student learning and engagement. Colleagues will also learn to disseminate the outcomes of SoTL.

The BOC provides an Impact Evaluation Framework (IEF) to assess the impact of a SoTL inquiry to demonstrate excellence in teaching and learning.

SoTL is often carried out collaboratively involving educators, learning designers, educational researchers, librarians and students. Although this course uses the term ‘educator’ for a researcher conducting a SoTL inquiry or project, the course will be useful for anybody interested in conducting SoTL.

The case studies in this course are from STEM but the course has been designed for colleagues from all disciplines.

To find out more about this free BOC, to watch the introductory video by Diane Butler, and to enrol, please visit ‘Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in STEM’ or www.open.ac.uk/scholarship-of-learning-and-teaching-in-STEM on OpenLearn.