ACODE: lectures survey

Published by on the 21 January 2021

ACODE President, Prof Michael Sankey, is asking HE institutions to participate in this topical research.

We are going to kick-off this year with trying to understand who is doing what in relation to returning to face-to-face lectures and how soon, or if at all.

To help us do this we have constructed a really short survey (8 general Q’s and 2 demographic Q’s) that should take you less than 5 minutes to complete (unless you type with only one finger).

This can be found at:

Your demographic details will not be reported, but will only be used to identify which institutions have or haven’t completed the survey. That’s so we can send targeted annoying emails reminders to you.

It is envisaged that this data will form the basis of a new white paper (similar to the micro-credentials and eExams one’s) that can be used by your institution to help inform your way forward. We are aiming for a quick turn-around on this so the sooner you can complete this short survey the better.