University of South Australia

Head of Centre

Sheridan Gentili

Role and Responsibilities of Director

Sheridan’s current role at the UniSA is that of Director: Teaching Innovation Unit (TIU).

Sheridan is intersted in exploring how learning and teaching tools and technology, through the use of learning analytics, can be used to improve the student experience and academic performance. The propensity of academic staff to use academic performance data as indicators of success is distal of earlier learning behaviours. Therefore, Sheridan is interested in exploring the impact that personalised feedback, using real-time data of online learning behaviour, has academic success. Specifically, her work focusses on exploring the learning and teaching experiences, and behaviours that encourage high achieving students and those of average achieving students, with an aim to better inform our teaching practices to encourage student learning cross all academic levels.

She has a Ph.D. in Physiology and a Graduate Diploma in Biostatistics


Structure and Staffing

Link to TIU Teams


Typical Activities of the Centre

Our key areas of focus include:

  • Curriculum, assessment and teaching practice – Academic Developers
  • The supervision of research students – Research Education
  • Development and support of learnonline – Technology Enhanced Learning
  • Online teaching and course design – Online Educational Designers

As a unit, we work closely with the Deans: Academic across each Division.

Our external focus is about global research on new innovations for teaching and learning; but innovation doesn’t just happen. New ideas must be tested for efficacy, scalability and ease of integration by our consultants and analysts who are constantly reviewing and updating the practices and technologies we work with.

We host frequent events in the teaching and learning space such as the Teaching and Learning Breakfast Series and the Teaching and Learning Symposium.

We also collaborate with academics who are forging innovation in their own teaching and welcome the opportunity to share their insights with others.

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