Part 1: SOTL for impact: how to research and publish your teaching

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This webinar is designed to inform and motivate higher education teaching staff to engage in impactful research using a simple conceptual framework: design, do, disseminate. It will be facilitated by Dr Jo-Anne Kelder and include information on ethics, data collection, where to target research outputs, including non-traditional outputs.

If you are directly involved in designing and teaching curriculum, your attention is primarily directed toward your curriculum, your students, your colleagues. You are likely interested in a range of data for evaluating your curriculum and using that data to evidence the how and why of changes to curriculum and teaching delivery. Such research is relevant and useful in your immediate context, however increasingly, higher education teachers are required to apply a scholarship lens to your teaching practice.

This webinar will present an approach to embedding the scholarship you already do (mostly applied to quality improvement and quality assurance) and extend its impact to broader communities – your institution and the higher education sector.

Dr Kelder is Adjunct Senior Researcher, University of Tasmania and Principal, Jo-Anne Kelder Consulting. She advises on quality assurance of curriculum and student experience; also developing staff capability in curriculum evaluation and scholarship. She is editor of Advancing Scholarship and Research in Higher Education and Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice.