iLRN 2021

Monday 17 May 2021 9am

Immersive Learning Research Network 2021 Conference, 17 May to 10 June 2021

(Technically co-sponsored by the IEEE Education Society, with proceedings to be submitted for inclusion in the IEEE Xplore® Digital Library.)

The 7th International Conference of the Immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN 2021) will take place from 17 May to 10 June 2021. It be an innovative and interactive virtual gathering for a strengthening global network of researchers and practitioners collaborating to develop the scientific, technical, and applied potential of immersive learning. It is the premier scholarly event focusing on advances in the use of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and other extended reality (XR) technologies to support learners across the full span of learning—from K-12 through higher education to work-based, informal, and lifelong learning contexts.

This year’s conference will again be based on the iLRN Virtual Campus, powered by Virbela, but with a range of activities taking place on various other XR simulation, gaming, and other platforms. iLRN 2021 attracted well over 3,000 registrants from across the globe, making the scheduling of sessions a challenge; this year’s conference activities will be spread over a four-week period so as to give attendees more opportunities to participate at times that are conducive to their local time zones.

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