CAULLT Leadership Webinar

Wednesday 29 July 2020 11am

The first CAULLT Learning Leadership Webinar will be held on Wednesday 29 July, 11-12 AEST (including a Q & A).

Titled Leadership for supporting inclusion and diversity in the Academy,  presenter, Dr Gail Crimmins  (University of the Sunshine Coast), will give tried and tested strategies and interventions from the presenter’s new book that support student and faculty inclusion and engagement.

COVID-19 and the globally mediated killing of George Floyd have highlighted significant inter/national social and cultural inequities, and have illuminated how inequities based along lines of race, socio-economic status/social class, gender, and dis/ability are both reflected in and have the opportunity to be addressed within Higher Education systems.

Dr Crimmins’ book captures specific examples of inclusive practice/s that are as diverse as the student and faculty populations, and are easy to translate and/or employ by senior administrators, academics and learning access/student support staff.

In this webinar she will outline four principles of inclusivity that underpin  specific interventions and discuss in detail the interventions that can be adopted by leaders of learning and teaching.

See Strategies for supporting inclusion and diversity in the academy (2020).