Are we supporting our Education Focused Academics? – 2 days to go

Friday 17 May 2024 12pm

Education focused roles offer pathways for talented and innovative educators. What challenges and opportunities do education focused roles bring and how can universities design and support these roles to succeed?

Join our panel consisting of Professor Merlin Crossley, DVC, Academic Quality (University of NSW), Professor Susan Rowland, Vice Provost (University of Sydney); Professor John Randal, Director of the Teaching Intensive Academic Career Pathway (Victoria University of Wellington) and A/Professor Christine Barry, A/Prof of Anatomy (Flinders University) led in discussion by Professor Steven Warburton, PVC, Education Innovation, (University of Newcastle).

This webinar is open to all, and will be particularly useful to those who are education-focused academics or in a T&L leadership role supporting these roles to succeed.

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