ACDS webinar “A vision for assessment in science”

Friday 1 October 2021 2pm

A vision for assessment in science

October 1, 2.00 to 4.00 pm AEST 

Presenters: Chris Thompson (Monash), Rebecca LeBard (UNSW), Michael Drinkwater (UQ)

Abstract: This forum seeks to bring together science and mathematics colleagues and their discipline groups to collectively identify our aspirations and challenges for assessment into the next decade. The disruptions associated with COVID-19 delivery and assessment, especially exams, have resulted in both compromise and innovation at an accelerated pace. What does best-practice in assessment look like in a post-COVID era? Do we expect to revert back to our assessment practices pre-COVID, or do we see ourselves on a new path? Are exams still fit for purpose, and if not, what are the alternatives we value? Do we trust technology and what it can deliver, or is it creating more problems than solutions? To what degree do issues with academic integrity push us in particular directions?

Representatives from each of the national discipline groups are invited to share key conversations that are happening at their level, and individuals are strongly encouraged to attend, and share their perspectives. Most importantly, this forum will support the Assessment Working Group commissioned by the ACDS to identify our priorities as a community, and feed this back to the Deans of Science Faculties and Schools around the country.

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