Conference presentations: November 2019

Conference: CAULLT conference program

Conference: CAULLT conference, QUT Brisbane

Program link: CAULLT November program

The presentations for the CAULLT conference held at QUT on 7 and 8 November are listed below in presentation order:

• Session 1: Developing and Recognising Educators: The PLaCE Framework: Professor Dominique Parrish (Macquarie University) presentation

• Session 2: CAULLT Professional Recognition and Development Research, second survey results summary: Prof Kylie Readman (Murdoch University) presentation

• Session 3: Credentialing for Professional Learning: A/P Maree Dinan-Thompson (James Cook University), (a CAULLT project) presentation

• Session 4: Online Professional Learning Review: A/P Marina Harvey (UNSW) and A/P Simon Bedford (Western Sydney University) presentation

• Session 6: Academic Developers Awards: Finalists’ presentations (a CAULLT project), Prof Jillian Hamilton (QUT), A/P Marina Harvey (UNSW), Dr Andrea Adam (UTas) researchers’ presentation, finalists’ presentation

• Session 7: Running a Virtual Conference: A/P Celeste Lawson, Dr Sherre Roy (Central Queensland University) presentation

• Session 9: Academic Career Preparation PhD Scheme: Prof Carol Miles (University of Newcastle) presentation

• Session 10: External Peer Review of Assessment Resource: A/P Gail Wilson (Southern Cross University), (a CAULLT project, final report) presentation, final report resource

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CAULLT Conference presentations November 2019