Towards a common, transferable Australasian Higher Education micro-credentialing framework for professional learning in teaching, learning and leadership (Gina Saliba and Assoc. Prof. Jo-Anne Chuck, 16 June 2023, 12 noon AEST)

CAULLT Grant Series

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Extending on the CAULLT funded project “Taxonomy for Credentialing Australasian University Educators” (TCAUE) (Dinan-Thompson; Lynch; Cowden; Bedford; Branigan; Cary; Johnston; Luzeckyj; and Saliba (2022)), the feasibility of the transferability of microcredentials in professional learning across the Australasian higher education sector is currently being explored. This is significant for academic and sessional staff, allowing portability, validity and visibility to acquired, credentialed learning from different HE institutions. Using templates, mapping of professional learning activities at an institution aligned with the TCAUE project’s ‘Essential Area of Focus’ – Learning Outcomes and Assessment- at the ‘Associate Educator’ level, was benchmarked to the CAUT MOOC as an exemplar. As a microcredential, this could then stack into the proposed TCAUE credential, encouraging long term engagement with professional learning that is not restricted to a single institution for recognition. Through participation at the Webinar, attendees can contribute to the discussion on whether professional learning activities at their institution could co-exist with such an external microcredentialing scheme.

Project team: Jo-Anne Chuck (Western Sydney University), Gina Saliba (Australian College of Applied Professions (Navitas) Simon Bedford (WSU), Maree Dinan-Thompson (JCU), Andrea Lynch (JCU), Liz Branigan (LaTrobe), Shannon Johnston (Murdoch) Ann Luzeckyj (Flinders)

Presenter Leads:

Assoc. Professor Jo-Anne Chuck B.Sc.(Hon.), Ph.D., PFHEA, is Head of Teaching and Curriculum (Learning Futures) at Western Sydney University (WSU) and has been engaged in Teaching and Learning (T&L) research for over 23 years. With a focus on curriculum design and transdisciplinary T&L, her work to develop student graduate attributes, knowledge, and hybrid skills to support employability is evidenced through her many teaching activities, resources and tools disseminated via peer review journals and presentations. She has attracted national competitive grants with her research and broader work informed by extensive knowledge of the sector, institutional strategies, and operational processes. She is currently leading Badugulang (WSU’s Centre for T&L Excellence) and co-Chair of the NSW Branch of the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia.

Gina Saliba B.Ed., M.Ed., PhD Candidate (FHEA), is Assistant Dean, Australian College of Applied Professions (Navitas). As an enthusiastic and dedicated leader in diverse learning and teaching contexts, with over 12 years of experience in the higher education sector and 17 years teaching experience. Gina is highly recognised as a functional leader, working collaboratively with academics, professionals, and leaders on strategic projects and academic development programs supporting innovative teaching, learning and digital transformation. Gina’s doctoral research focuses on professional learning in HE multidisciplinary, meso-level-spaces and is currently co-lead of events for the NSW Branch of the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia.