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Project Complete Published by on the 21 June 2017


Exploring workload models and performance metrics for academic developers

  1. Project

The phases of this project are:

Phase 1: Jul-Sep 2013

Small scale systematic literature review focusing on workload models and reference to academic development units

Ethics application submitted

Identification and collation of key documents in relation to work planning (enterprise agreement, HR policy, promotion application forms etc) from each institution for document analysis

Collation of existing workload models/planning tools from institutions

Phase 2:Oct -Dec

Document analysis undertaken

Interviews with key stakeholders

Analysis of key issues identified in documents

Compliation of key findings

Phase 3:  Jan – Mar

Development of workload framework for academic developers

Update at CADAD – Presentation and discussion

Phase 4: Apr – Jun

Development of outputs

  1. CADAD Requirements and Reporting

 The project team will report briefly on the progress of the project at the October meeting of CADAD at Flinders University.

  • At the conclusion of the project, the team will be asked to provide an update report at the next scheduled CADAD meeting.
  • A paper will need to be prepared to be published on the CADAD website about the project, process and outcomes of your investigation.
  • A project-related publication in refereed journals is strongly encouraged. We ask that all publications and presentations related to the project acknowledge CADAD’s support of this project.

These requirements will ensure a contribution to the scholarship of academic development and an increased profile for CADAD as a contributor to this goal.


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