International survey on ed development

Published by on the 13 June 2018

Measuring Value and Impact for Educational Developers
Professor Susannah Quinsee (City, University of London), Dr Carole David (Queen Mary University of London), Dr Fiona Denney (Brunel University), and Dr Graham Holden (Sheffield Hallam University) are undertaking research focused on measuring value and impact in educational development. As a head of educational development, we would like to hear about your methods of reporting and measuring impact.

Your participation would be through an online questionnaire and then, if you are willing and provide your contact details, engaging in an interview about your experiences. If you are willing to participate in this research, you can access the survey here:

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Professor Susannah Quinsee on and she will provide further information for you.

Thank you for considering this research.