Post-COVID Teaching & Learning: Stakes, Challenges and Perspectives on Hybrid/HyFlex configurations & Learning Environments (Dr. John Augeri)

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The COVID-19 pandemic induced a paradigm shift that challenged the Teaching & Learning practices in an unprecedented way. If most of the full distance measures implemented as Emergency Remote Teaching weren’t designed to last, a significant – and maybe unexpected – mindset shifting has been progressively observed about the more balanced Hybrid and HyFlex configurations. Those latter especially prove to be more than a degraded version of face-to-face, and allowed to imagine a middle / long-term sustainability.
Thereby, institutions are now considering systemic changes based on a mix of distance and face-to-face articulated to a synchronous and asynchronous one, that potentially blurs the traditional campus borders, and redefines the very concept of learning territory. In these perspectives, the physical Learning Spaces, especially, would be challenged to provide a value-added to face-to-face activities alongside distance ones, but could also find an opportunity to finally overcome the experimental step several of them were stuck at until then, to fully integrate the academic strategies. The mainstream use of digital Learning Spaces, on its side, would not only raise technological and economical questions, but also imply a systematic approach to Faculty Development and instructional design.
This talk will explore these different forecasts, and will discuss how the stakes, challenges, and opportunities of Hybrid and HyFlex configuration will impact the post-COVID campuses and their Learning Environments.


John Augeri, PhD, is Program Director, Lecturer, Researcher, and Advisor at Ile-de-France Digital University, specialized on the matters of Learning Environments and Faculty Development. He has been giving 80+ talks and keynote speeches in major seminars and conferences around the globe, and is internationally involved in several professional associations and working groups such as EDUCAUSE, EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative, HERDSA, and A4LE.

Besides running a region-wide large-scale Faculty Development initiative since 2009, and an international comparative study of Learning Spaces since 2016, he is especially active in the development of major Learning Spaces design and evaluation tools, as juror for Learning Spaces design awards, and regularly serves as Advisor for strategic institutions and organizations committees focused on Teaching & Learning practices and Learning Environments. He is published in France, Japan, Australia and North America.