Executive Committee 2018-2019

Professor Kevin Ashford-Rowe, Australian Catholic University

Vice President
Professor Kylie Readman, Murdoch University

Associate Professor Julie Fleming, Central Queensland University


Associate Professor Elizabeth Branigan, Swinburne University of Technology

Elected members

Associate Professor Kogi Naidoo, Charles Sturt University

Dr Lisa Thomas, University of Wollongong

Co-opted member

Glen O’Grady, Australian National University


The role of the Executive Committee

The role of the Executive is to act for CAULLT in all respects except in those matters which are required by the Constitution to be determined by the members of CAULLT. The responsibilities of the Executive include: arranging and conducting meetings; developing and reviewing strategic directions; establishing and monitoring working parties to transact CAULLT business; and developing and maintaining effective communication channels between the Executive and members between meetings.