Feedback sought on book

Published by on the 27 April 2018

University Teaching in Focus: A learning-centred approach, Lynne Hunt and Denise Chalmers (Eds.) (2012).

We are seeking your feedback on the edited edition of this book, with the view of exploring the idea of a second edition. We would very much welcome any comments you might want to make about the book and its contents.

Some questions that you might consider are:

How did you use the book? Eg as a set text for a course? Individual interested in teaching?

What chapters did you find particularly useful? Why?

What chapters were less useful for you? Why?

What elements in the chapters worked well / annoyed you? Eg Your Thoughts, Case studies.

Who is the audience this book should best target?

What aspects or topics do you think should be included if a second edition was to be developed?

Any other comments?

Please send your feedback and comments to

Many thanks for considering this request and your response.

Denise Chalmers and Lynne Hunt