AAUT deadlines announced

Published by on the 16 October 2018

The Australian Awards for University Teaching 2018 program overview and nomination instructions are now available for download from the Australian Awards for University Teaching website, which is hosted by Universities Australia.

There are two phases to the online submission process – please mark these dates in your diary. Online submission will be via the 2018 AAUT Awards Portal at aaut.sparkplus.com.au

Phase 1: Nominee Registration:

To enter the nominee’s details prior to the online submission:
 Opening Date: Monday 5 November 2018, 8.00am
 Closing Date: Monday 19 November 2018, 11:59pm

Phase 2: Upload Submission:

To upload the PDF submission (one PDF) and nominee photograph
 Opening Date: Monday 26 November 2018, 8.00am
 Closing Date: Monday 10 December 2018, 11:59pm
Please note that no late submissions will be accepted.
Detailed instructions for the use of the 2018 AAUT Awards Portal will be distributed in early November.
 All nominations are to be submitted online via the 2018 AAUT Awards Portal by ICOs only.
 Each ICO will receive an Account ID and will be prompted to set up a password on their first login attempt.
 Only one login will be allocated to each institution
 Phase One (5 Nov – 19 Nov) will require the ICO to enter the details of each nominee, including team names where applicable.
 Phase Two (26 Nov- 10 Dec) will require the ICO to upload all of their institution’s nominations

SPARKPLUS Technical Support
SPARPLUS will be providing technical support to ICOs who require assistance with login, registration and upload during the following times:
Thursday the 1 November – Friday 14 December
9am -6pm AEDT
Phone: 02 8007 4553
Email: support@sparkplus.com.au

Contact details:

Angeline Sim – Project Manager
Phone: (03) 9214 3481 aaut@swin.edu.au
Anicca Maleedy-Main – Project Coordinator
Phone: (03) 9214 4766 aaut@swin.edu.au